This will cost you nothing. In fact, your club will make money!

  How it works...
    The way this works is I'll give you approximate dates that I can come to the course and I'll spend a day or two riding around in a cart with my camera and sketch pad finding good views and angles to shoot, then I'll return to my studio to do the paintings. I'll paint at least 2 different paintings (maybe more if I like the views and compositions), Then I will make limited edition prints of each one. The prints are individually signed and numbered and are printed on high standard, museum quality paper. After that I'll deliver the shrink wrapped prints to your pro shop and put them in a small bin or somewhere else on display so the visitors can easily see them. You sell them and collect the PA sales tax and every so often I'll take inventory and replenish the supply. Every month or two I'll give you an invoice for what's sold and you pay me that amount. Your club retains 30% of all sales.
Remember... This will cost you nothing. I cover ALL costs. And your course/pro shop will retain 30% of all print sales.

    I can occasionally come to the course for events and tournaments to sign prints or just talk to people. I will bring the original paintings to show (they are larger than the prints) and they will also be available for sale. If I sell an original painting while I am there, I will retain all the proceeds from that, but you will still retain 30% of print sales if I'm there or not. If you have wall space and would like to hang and sell an original after I leave, you will retain 30% of that sale.

Feel free to call me anytime at 570 522 0746 or EMAIL me. I'd love to talk to you about painting your course. I'd be more than happy to come out for a visit to show you some prints and an original or two in person.
                                                                                Thanks for your interest,



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